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As for the weather, I'm afraid I'm not in Fowey at the moment, but I'm sure someone local can comment :-)Hi Peter, your last comment didn't post, probably due to our new anti-robot feature!The camera will still zoom, if using the preset view options.

Hopefully we can turn it on again soon, as it does ruin the experience somewhat.

and steer/zoom the camera (it will open in a new window). Enter Comment Herehi Tony, hope you are keeping well.

Steer the camera using the direction buttons, Zoom upto 21x with the zoom buttons or choose a preset location from the dropdown box. Julie and bernard are over the road atmo, ona bit of needed convelsacance .

You have a whole new set of we fans- Hi to SWW, and its contractors, who are using the webcam to monitor their emergency works on the slip.

The slip's closed to the public but some are still getting in!

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