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“ has lived in the bellies of American readers for more than two decades,” A. Just as the years between combat and publication affected O’Brien’s perception of events, so has an almost exactly equal span changed the character of the writing.

A play could be poetic, ridiculous, fragile, overtly political, sentimental, and brave all at the same time. At the same time, it provided a detailed map of the nation’s sense of loss. “It’s just big ideas, and stories, and people dying, and people like you.Heroine is a delightful botanist with no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with an alpha-submissive duke—who fears what will happen if she discovers his kink. The heroine lost her memory and is desperate to understand herself, so she seeks out the only person she can find who might help -- her ex-boyfriend, who still has a thing for her..only he can forgive her. Newly graduated heroine falls for a graduate student in the summer after college, then realizes love might not be possible between them. Second book (How Not to Let Go) required for happily ever after. Heroine is a member of the Royal Guard, sent to retrieve a cocky prince on walkabout and bring him home to resume his duties. (Book 1 of a 2 book story — Book 2 is Cheeky King.)Contemporary. Petersburg to discover her dead father has left her a multimillion-dollar and a business arrangement with a billionaire French media mogul.Unrequited friends-to-lovers/second chance romance. Four years after the heroine confessed her feelings for the playboy hero and he did not reciprocate, he comes back into her life to fight for her. A broad, sweeping romance that harkens back to the epics of the 80s and 90s.Excellent fat rep.**Secret baby, second chance at love story.After their failed elopement, the hero heads to war and the heroine marries another; when she's widowed, she places an ad for a new husband--only to have her first love reappear. When a spaceship crash lands on a planet with an atmosphere of pure aphrodisiac, a human space soldier and an alien have no choice but to turn to each other for help.

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