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In 409 Germanic peoples invaded the Iberian peninsula. However, in the 6th century, another race called the Visigoths ruled Spain and they attacked the Suevi. They quickly conquered what is now southern Portugal and they ruled it for centuries.However, they were unable to permanently subdue northern Portugal.In 1750 the Marques de Pombal became the king's chief minister. Tens of thousands of people were killed and whole areas of the city were destroyed.Pombal took the opportunity to rebuild Lisbon as a modern city.After 3 years of fighting the French were driven out of Portugal in 1811. However, the new constitution was not popular with everyone.Conservative landowners and the clergy strongly disliked the new liberal regime.

They rebelled and led by her son Dom Alfonso Henriques they defeated Teresa at the battle of Sao Mamede. From the mid-13th century, Lisbon became the capital of Portugal.Portugal and Spain agreed that all new land west of a line 370 degrees west of the Cape Verde Islands would belong to Spain. Following the treaty in 1498 an expedition led by Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa and reached India.Asia was the source of spices, which were very expensive in Europe.In 1758 an attempt was made to assassinate the king, Jose I.Pombal took this opportunity to execute several powerful nobles. However, when the king died in 1777 the enemies of Pombal took the opportunity to bring him to trial for the previous regime's harsh measures. However, in 1808 a rebellion against the French began in Spain and Portugal.

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When King Fernando (1367-1383) died his daughter Beatriz became queen. Some Portuguese feared that Portugal would become united with Castile and cease to be independent. The king of Castile invaded Portugal to support his wife. Finally, the Castilians were routed by a Portuguese army (supported by English archers) at the battle of Aljubarrota. he also provided ships and money to Portuguese captains.

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