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Now that was 5 years ago so it may not apply and I don't have the code and it was for a motorolla box.

theives will continue to get smarter, comcast will comtinue to spend more and more on security our cable bills will continue to increase. Knowingly receiving goods or services of value without paying, is theft, plain and simple"Well, the stealing comes in where you are not paying for cable video, just the HSD The only reason there is a cable signal going to your house is so the modem can connect to the headend. PEOPLE SEND ME THINGS OR "SIGNALS" WITHOUT ASKING ME, WHY WOULD I PAY FOR THEN IF THEY ARE ALREADY THERE FOR ME TO USE?

I perform bandwidth tests daily, and on average receive 12-21 mbit down and 712 kbits upload.

But back on topic, I was recently recieving free extended basic cable do to error on comcasts end I believe.

Problem is, (some) companies get too big and too greedy or too beholden to their stockholders.

Keep in mind - most of the companies discussed within this thread are public companies that have to show continued profit and/or growth in order to retain/gain investors.

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  1. The precise details of the update are not specifically clarified with the update, but it weighs in at 1.46 GB and is said to “improve the stability and reliability of Mac Book Air (2018) computers, and is recommended for all users.” Given that the new Mac Book Air ships (as of this writing) preinstalled with mac OS Mojave 10.14.1, the update is not merely the same Mac OS 10.14.1 update available for general Mojave users.