Am i dating a controlling man

He also sounds like a bit of a baby (who throws tantrums, really? Whatever his deal is, you're totally right to assert that being in a relationship doesn't mean you should give up your pals, or all your free time.He should have his own life, and while he should appreciate the time you spend together, if he continues to press on you like this, he needs to realize he's going to chase you away completely. Maybe reassure him that you're with him, but make it clear that that could change if he continues to act like a gatekeeper. You're supposed to be busy, and you're supposed to see your friends your guy. Here are some tips for dealing with controlling dudes like this.1) Set him straight early, not often.A controlling man will often feel very jealous in the relationship.He will not want you to be around other men, and he may even try to limit your interactions with your friends (both male and female).If he's one of those guys that freaks out because you want to spend time with your friends (and not him, harumpf! I often want to go out and stay out and never stop partying once I start.Sometimes, it's way better for me and my relationship if I'm the one to tug on my girl's arm and say "let's get out of here." Surprise him and be the one to initiate private time.5) Be open with your schedule.He may give up his other hobbies or interests because he wants to spend all of his time with you.Because he has given up his activities, he will want you to do the same thing.

If he's mad because he has nothing better to do than sit on the edge of his seat and wait for your call, that's not your problem.3) Friends are for sharing. Let him know he's welcome.4) Surprise him from time to time.

If you feel that your boyfriend is trying to dictate too much, you need to communicate with him immediately and maintain your independence.

A controlling boyfriend may fixate only on the relationship.

He may use the excuse that your clothes are too sexy, and he will select another outfit that he finds more suitable.

Some controlling men will even try to pick out the food you eat.

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