An error occurred while setup was updating partition Freephonesexchatrooms

I just wanted to make instructions clear enough for anyone to follow.

I usually need about three minutes to do everything what’s told in this post, to create answer file (timed it now to be sure!

Add component Disk Configuration to Pass 1 by right clicking Disk Configuration and selecting Add Setting to Pass 1, expand Image Install OSImage component and add Install To to Pass 1, add User Data domponent to Pass 1: The Answer File pane at top middle should now look like this when all components have been expanded: Let’s first add Windows UI (display) language, installation language and keyboard layout.

Select Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE on Answer File pane, edit properties as preferred on Properties pane top right.

Just click Continue and repeat the process selecting File New Answer File, and this time browsing to and selecting the catalog file instead of WIM file: Catalog files are created in same folder where the original file is locatedd.

They are reusable, you only need to create catalog file once, to work with additional answer files you can simply select the catalog file instead of creating a new one from a WIM file.

Note that this will take some time, on my ancient Asus i5 laptop it takes around 15 minutes, on a bit younger HP laptop almost 10 minutes.

Right click Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE, add it to configuration Pass 1 Windows PE: Next, expand Microsoft-Windows-Setup on Windows Image pane.

I am used to using upper-case letters for both parts of the language ID myself. Right click Disk Configuration under Microsoft-Windows-Setup in the Answer File pane, then select Insert New Disk: Next, select the new disk in the Answer File pane, and edit its properties.

Disk ID tells Windows Setup which disk to use to install Windows, where Disk ID 0 is the primary hard disk (Disk ID 1 = second HDD, and so on).

Expand Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE in the Answer File pane, then select Setup UILanguage, and set properties for the UILanguage as you like.

In my case, after installing UK English Windows 10, I set it to EN-GB, where the first two letters identify the language, and the last two identify its regional version: Notice that Microsoft has elected to show languages as xx-YY where lower case xx is the language and upper case YY is the region. Thus, even something such as e N-g B would be accepted and would work OK.

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