Are gerard way and frank iero dating

" You said, looking down at the smol bean in your arms. If you find any cool tags or quizzes that you want me to take, comment them down below, or dm me!

"Yeah, I thought it would help you with your anxiety.

Let's go inside, and talk." "Wait, can I name it Castiel?

" You said, looking at Frank with your big, round eyes.

Yes, they might be more physical than what society deemed platonic, but there never was anything, and they’d both told their friends countless times that no they weren’t dating and yes they were just friends. A couple notfics originally written in 2011 on LJ: Mainly: Mikey wishes for a big brother (Fairytale AU) tiny orphan Frank and Gerard and Mikey the lordlings meet Brian the Enchanter (Sword in the Stone AU). By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he’s lacking friends.

Things only get worse when he falls for Frank Iero, the school’s guidance counselor.

Both are running from their own demons, and though their pasts may have similarities, they both have chosen greatly different paths, intertwining them in the present in the most shocking of ways. Ayyy so I found this one pretty cute My first Frerard oneshot! frank age:17Bottom Frank (sorry lmao) "Don't make me take you home and punish you."---Or where Frank brings Gerard as his plus one to one of his works' dinner parties, and Gerard doesn't listen.---Based off of the dialogue prompt "Don't make me take you home and punish you." A short Frerard ficlet. Just tell me the ship and prompt and it'll be published.

The events after 9/11, the moments of tragedy when people show their colors and pull together, have renewed my faith." Whoa.

I-I." He couldn't even talk he was laughing so hard. Hurt, you trudged out of the house, but as you walked onto your front porch, you tripped over something... You decided to go ahead and open it, and inside, you saw the most pure, delicate, beautiful thing in all of the world, besides Frank. "FRANKKKKK." You screamed, gingerly taking the kitten from the box.

Hugging, kissing cheeks, petting hair, or just sitting close to each other.

This led a lot of people to believe that they had some secret relationship of some sort, and holy smokes how annoying isn’t that?

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Frank Iero is a teen working as a stocker at the local grocery store.

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