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In class, I've been called "racist" and "heartless", but I just figure these labels are appropriate for someone who has an actual sense of justice.So at least that seems like something from an Ayn Rand novel. And then there's the Objectivist lass who says she's "currently in the middle of a career change from hospitality to social work," which seems maybe a strange career choice for a Rand admirer, which she acknowledges, but explains that she really likes working with seniors in a nursing home environment.spiritual and in touch with god (personal relationship)--an old soul--looking for a pretty lady, very warm and sensual -please DO NOT CONTACT me without a PICTURE .

“She writes that a person cannot say ‘I love you’ without first being able to say the I.” It sort of makes sense for Objectivists to have their own dating site, doesn’t it?Seriously, you would expect it would be a laff riot up in there, with all sorts of incredibly selfish me-me-me stuff in the dating profiles, but actually, we have seen far more outrageously assholish profiles in general-purpose dating sites like OKCupid.Oh, sure, you get some Rand-inflected stuff like this note from "Dominique Taggart," 23, in Fiji: Virtues I recognize, earn and revere include rationality, truth, self-interest, self-confidence, originality of thought, creativity, productivity, justice,...I mean the rest of us just find them so damned objectionable…. Find your very own Dagny Taggart, Hank Reardon, Francisco d’Anconia or John Galt (chances are it’s a pretty dude-heavy, Republican-heavy and no doubt idiot-heavy crowd) at the Atlasphere.

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  1. I had to find my adult self before I was ready to get married. They lived together, but because they were not officially married, she had no control over what happened to him or his belongings post-mortem.