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We never had an answer, but thanks to the internet we have our own happy ending, so we really wanted to help others find theirs.Thus, in 2015 we created a dating website Find Femmes, for feminine identified lesbian and bisexual women (and the women who are seeking them).We are also known as Youtuber and blogger duo ‘Wegan’, and we put our lives online as a couple to fill the gap of lesbian role models and to show that you can be feminine and a lesbian.

You might find them at a cycling club, Cross Fit, boot camps, Sierra hiking clubs etc.

Each of the women stressed they couldn’t speak for all black lesbians, just for their personal experience.“First,” Hartwell says,” just being a black woman is tough enough in America, but being a black lesbian only adds to it.

Although the gay and lesbian community has moved forward with our civil rights, society still views black lesbianism as taboo.

However, it’s also a time when filmmaker Dee Rees can be celebrated for her work.

Georgia Voice interviewed several African-American lesbians to gain insight into their lived experience.

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