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You need to write a lot of crappy words to come up with the good ones and you need to go on dates with a lot of duds to find the right one. And if the person you want to date is a writer, well, you had better have some serious writing skills. Continue reading → As promised, my dating recaps are back.

There are a few new (or new to me) dating apps out there since last summer that I’ve tried (Hinge and The League, for example), but I still find that Bumble has the most potential and attractive dates and has a format I prefer.

I’m a casual dater who generally just has fun with it. I felt slightly weird about it at first—like there was something wrong with my ability to get the dates I wanted otherwise—but actually I know several people my age who pay for it. So given all my years of using the apps for free, maybe it was my turn to contribute.

It also helps that I’m a writer because even if there is no romantic connection, I enjoy listening to people’s life stories. Turns out, I really liked the features I got with a paid account.

Online dating has been a phenomenon when it comes to meeting a certain someone for you from far places. These couples are really grateful for getting to know the right person for them.

However, as the number of people who use this system offered by the internet increases, so did the number of plotting menaces who are out just to take advantage of the people.

Be keen even if you’re having a conversation with someone, especially whom you’re having a first time talking to.

Bumble Beeline allowed me to keep those “maybe” guys on hold for a rainy day without having to engage them in conversation. I dated some people for longer amounts of time than my usual one and done, I took some time off from dating, and then I got back out there after a lot of swiping left. Continue reading → After a summer of first dates and a steady fling, I’ve been taking some time off from dating.Even if you’re just chatting online, still bad things may happen to you if you’re not careful. When the person you’re talking to asks for some cash, stop the conversation immediately.You should just calmly report them to the online dating service.Even just in online dating services, some people may give you promises or whatsoever suspicious things that may catch your interest.These people may use fancy words that might catch you off-guard if you aren’t prepared for them.

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Continue reading → It’s been five months since I wrote about my dating exploits. I’m feeling happily solitary at the moment, as you might have surmised from my last post.

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