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Therefore, large scale studies should be done and population-specific tables should be derived to correlate BPD and GA.Keywords: Antenatal, bi-parietal diameter, expected date of delivery, gestational age, pregnancy, ultrasonography How to cite this article: Jaiswal P, Masih WF, Jaiswal S, Chowdhary DS.This study was conducted in Government Medical College and attached group of hospital, Kota (Rajasthan).This study was carried out to measure BPD of the fetus in a total of 200 gravid females by using a grey scale real time Sonography Machine (Toshiba color Doppler Nemio XG) employing a 6-3 MHz convex transducer.Introduction: Assessment of gestational age (GA) in pregnancy can be carried out by measuring several fetal parameters in ultrasound scans and serial ultrasounds can monitor fetal growth.

The sonographic studies of fetus also provide information about fetal growth, expected date of delivery (EDD), estimating fetal weight and to diagnose growth abnormalities.Hence, biometric values or curves of one population may overestimate or underestimate the fetal age if used for other population with different demographic characteristics.Therefore, this study was undertaken to assess GA with the help of measurement of BPD by ultrasonography in the local population of Rajasthan and to compare these values with western normograms and other Indian studies.Conclusion: Bi-parietal diameter is one of the useful criteria to measure GA and to predict expected date of delivery.Mean measurements of BPD in this study was found to be lower than that of western studies except Hadlock series, which compares well with this study.

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