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As 24-year-old writer Sophie Robehmed, from Devon, explains "I joined Twitter in April 2009, thinking it would be a great way to keep in touch with friends - reading their posts to see what was happening in their lives - but I never expected to meet a guy on it. I discovered he was a friend of a friend and had been at Cardiff University with me!

After a couple of months, I got an email from Twitter telling me that a bloke called Dan Worth, 25, was now 'following' me (in other words, getting the updates I posted on the site). Laura says: "Two of my all-time favourite things are food and men - in that order, but ideally in some combination.

I'm not ready for that yet, so we ended it on good terms. I haven't met the right guy yet, but who knows what the future holds?

" Canine dating (for their owners, not the pooches!

Everyone on the site's been through difficult times, so we understand each other and have common ground.

The Celebrity Fashion & Beauty topic focuses on what makes you look good, even if its adult footed pajamas or eyelid tattoos.

I've been single for three years, so when I heard that a TV company was looking for people to take part in a new dating show that involved both, In each episode, a man or a woman chooses from five menus put forward by members of the opposite sex, then selects three people they'd like to meet based on the menu.

After the dinners, they choose their favourite to go on a proper date with.

We sent DJ Marvyn Williams, 28, from London, out to investigate, armed with his secret weapon a very adorable nine-month-old golden retriever. She's cuddly and fun - maybe that means girls will think I am, too (fingers crossed! She's not a slobberer (women hate that stuff), or a crotch-sniffer (ditto), so that's got to go in my favour, right? I head to a north London park full of dog walkers, joggers and, most importantly, single ladies. Ruby bounds over to a gorgeous woman taking a morning stroll. We start chatting about Ruby, then - ice broken - turn to other subjects. Back home, the blonde (AKA Amy) and I make friends on Facebook and arrange a date the next week.

"I normally confine my (bad) chat-up lines to clubs, so using a dog to get dates sounded like a silly idea. As I chase along behind Ruby, making my apologies to anyone she bumps into, I try to spark up conversations, even if they're a bit lame ('Lovely day, isn't it? As my new best friend gets tangled between the blonde's ankles, I apologise. Soon, I know the blonde likes football and is a Masters student. Now, I just need to think of a way to explain where Ruby is if she asks I'm a convert to the canine craze.

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) is the latest craze to come from the US to Blighty, where singletons are shunning bars for parks hoping that their pets will be conversation starters - and show they're caring types too.

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