Consumer counseling credit card consolidating credit debt

As mentioned earlier, the monthly payment relief you get from working with a counseling agency comes from interest rate reductions, and the minimum payment concessions that are prearranged with your creditors.Each bank has its own set of criteria for measuring what type of reduction in interest and payment you will get through your enrollment in a DMP.If you do not make an on-time payment, you risk losing the reduced monthly payment benefit.

When starting out on the plan, it can be difficult to get new credit, and you are encouraged to not open any new credit without speaking to your credit counselor first.There are many scenarios where the credit counselor will be able to consolidate your credit cards and get a lower monthly payment than you could on your own without the consolidation.The more accounts you have to enroll, the more likely the bill consolidation plan pays for itself.Most of this can be handled in one call to the counseling agency if you are prepared with an outline of your income, and your monthly bills.Your monthly payment is set up as an auto-draft from your personal bank account for the same day each month.

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Using a counseling service to budget, consolidate, and repay bills can get you out of debt faster than making your current minimum payments on your own.

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