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Formal ways to greet someone include: Questions are an important part of conversational English.

It’s polite to ask about another person, to find out more about them, and to get to know them.

You can even become a news reader for News Round Up, or join Aladdin and Co, in one of the LEN Radio shows (get in touch with Aladdin on the forum):- If you don't know what to do today, spin the wheel for some ideas.

Want to boost your conversational English vocabulary?

Welcome to English Club ESL Chat, where you can have fun and improve your English as you chat online. If you don't have a username yet, you can register from the next page.Wherever you meet, you can talk about something you have in common.For example, if you’ve met at a party you could ask: It’s polite to ask a person questions about themselves when you meet them, but it’s also important to respond to questions they’ve asked you. You can combine your answers with follow-up questions based on information the other person is giving you.You can chat in or about the English language, chat in public or chat one-to-one with a friend - or even create your own room and invite your friends in. Chatiquette Learn the basics of manners and polite behaviour when chatting. This is a moderated chat room and registration is required.

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This guide will help you improve your small talk so you can start conversations in English more easily.

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