Dating a girl who cuts herself

But cutting, burning, carving words or symbols into one’s skin, painful hair-pulling, or literally banging one’s head against the wall certainly do count. To an outsider, self-harm may seem incomprehensible—even crazy—but if you go with the truism that each person copes as best as they can with the resources they have at the time, it might be a little easier to understand.

With that, here are four reasons individuals self-injure: Reason #1: Physical pain can take away emotional pain.

It’s surprisingly common during this period in particular: Studies show that between 13 and 23 percent of teenagers have cut, burned, or otherwise deliberately injured themselves.Today, people stand proudly against being fat-shamed or slut-shamed, but it’s harder to find someone who will stand up and disclose their own cutting or other self-injury.Self-harm is one of the last things people feel ashamed of—despite it being far more widespread than you might suspect.Reason #3: Cutting can be a way to stop feeling numb.In particular, individuals with a history of trauma may self-harm to take control of their own pain, or to feel something other than numbness.

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