Dating a scorpio female

She doesn’t even want to be the center of attention of everyone but she is.

She is captivating and many will want to discover what she is hiding.

Her main goal is to attract the most attractive and most intelligent person, someone to keep her happy and entertained.

A sign that enjoys extremes, the Scorpio woman doesn’t do anything she doesn’t like or want to do.

If you want someone to be sure of and keep under your control, look somewhere else.

Scorpios are known for not being equivocal and for having a “one way or another attitude”.

As a fixed sign, the Scorpio woman will enjoy stability and people who don’t change too much.

If she doesn’t like the way you treat her, she will keep her defense and won’t let you in.

It may be difficult to catch her free for a conversation.

But if you do, remember they like enigmas and conspiracies. She won’t accept someone who tries to get her and doesn’t commit.

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