Dating after an abusive relationship

I’m engaging with many victims and survivors of domestic abuse online.

Every family is different regarding their openness; some share more, some share less.And how we’d like to change them, how we can heal and create relationships and pleasurable experiences that are fulfilling in every way. In the past week I’ve asked the people I’ve been working with how much of their sexual issues are connected to their parents, how many are doing something similar in their lives.We’ll go to a lot of places in our conversations with our parents, ask a lot of questions. It was a huge question for many of them, and the vast majority, after some thought, and with deep realization, acknowledged they were, particularly the women.Often the only thing we know about our parent’s relationship is what we see.Sometimes it’s spoken about, and this is often the case after a separation or death.

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And there were times we had conversations, difficult though they were, about certain things.

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