Dating after being dumped

Savor and be grateful for the intense and exciting experiences and emotions when you begin dating.

The pain in your chest is not heartbreak, but excitement that needs a little more breath.

Not to mention, relationships give us priceless memories—some that I wouldn’t change, despite the pain of the breakup.

Even now, I look back on certain relationships that ended with Jackie’s heart feeling like it was stomped on, and I recall some really funny memory that to this day makes me smile. In closing, remember that there is always something to be learned and to be fondly remembered out of almost every relationship.

Go have fun and don’t let others’ choices reflect on your self-acceptance (don’t take it personally.) Have the time of your life.” Now, I’ll be the first one to say that if someone breaks up with you, it can be gut wrenchingly sad and beyond disappointing.

You are a thriving, self-confident and dynamic person.

But somewhere down the line, he thought differently.

So, when I received a text last week from a friend who said, “I got dumped. He said there just wasn’t a spark,” I felt like I should address the “I got dumped” part in this blog post.

It’s not easy, but try to be patient, because someday someone is going to come along and he or she isn’t going to dump you, break it off with you or break your heart.

On the contrary, they are going to keep you safe and warm, and they are going to treasure you. Jackie Pilossoph is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Divorced Girl Smiling.

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I think that is a horrible description of a breakup. You’re probably thinking right now, “Jackie, call it whatever you want—dumped, broken up with—the bottom line is, the guy ended the relationship.” True.

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