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Read me the numbers In the summer the Polar Manitoba's melted by lava A team of ER doctors climbed aboard the chopper My skull is a submarine hull I empty the ballast tanks I could smell the shit from the sea gulls The Rear Admirable participated in battle every war, and at least half of my Crew were injured every tour We thought close support from the Navy Carriers and Air Force would give us All what we needed, we were wrong Canibus is notably known Globally My verbal sorcery somehow talks to the beat Lyrically you not ready, dress right dress Not messy, my muscle memory make me bomb squad steady You can't contend with this when I let it rip Eyes, ears, nose & throat specialist Professor Bis The sublime chakra one thru nine Thru the spine induce the rhyme Internal fire produces the high Recite 33 3's 33 times For 24hrs, 21 thousand Nautical miles Ahead of my lifetime I write and recite rhymes Deja Vu in the booth is the truth, when you apply it Devine design, a miracle of Metallurgy Every clergy member from Mecca who heard of me worshipped me From the shores of Normandy to the Turkish streets To the bluest oceans glowing on the Persian beach Nuclear Biological Chemical emergency I purchase the beat then mix my spit with the mercury The DJ grabs the acetate out the crate Mix the dub plate, the BPMs fluctuate Nobody can hold me back, my flow bloviates to a spiritual shape As I co-create rap, 30 Cold callous chronic chemical imbalance Smoking a chalice in the Rabbit hole with Alice The target appears in brackets, I attack it Access then egress then quit this rap shit Commander of the symphony when man meets ministry Finishing my Archeogenetic Rap Facility They can't battle me so they'd rather embarrass me By being mad at me they commit microphone heresy I am still the Master As handsome as my unborn Grandson, Rip The Jacker Call me grandpa, 40 as odd as it may seem The microphone fiend is God of the Hip Hop regime Planet Rock Supreme Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour, Electromagnetic Scalar Then something they call a Maser "That is not dead which can eternally lie And with strange aeons even death may die" Meteors fall from the sky, The Mars God looks at my eyes Controlling my heart, controlling my mind Oh Lord, Tell me what to do, Tell me oh Lord I have mastered the art of rhyming I am so bored My pain my joy my thoughts I've passed them on thru songs Respond to me and I will answer to your call Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words Actions & Reality That's how it has to be In front of me, on both sides and in back of me I hear them talk about battling me in the whispering gallery The chain of command blames the unseen hand The Galactic Plane has a Galactic Plan I look up in the sky to see if God is judging me Suddenly I feel Fatima and Medjugorie come to me, 60 Sitting down at the mixing board/round/banquet table comfortably They begin to study me, by showing me worlds I would love to see My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt I was transformed into a spirit with no shell I could move about freely, I rose & I fell The coldness of heaven is like the coldness of hell Metaphoric Sun Worship, pulling me with planet like inertias Words blinking like the text edit cursor My sentences are sometimes too sensitive to make sense of it Layer upon layer upon layer unedited You lazy & you wanna' be the best? The Best Train EVERYDAY of the week Propulsion system is gravity driven, white hot thermal External vision, every lyric got a wormhole in it Saint Germaine is real, Germaine is a sage for real My sigil is the double headed eagle seal Normal life is not real, we are cogs in a wheel We work we hurt we search we feel The microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics Circular motion in both the para- and the hyperbolas Tiger Woods knows this, everytime he plays golf he shows this A true master at the masters in focus In my time of need, I am not alone I was told in a dream by Cthulhu from his tomb Try to hurt me, I'll murder you, lay you down vertical Made your life purposeful, germinated the earth with you My black goggles, are covered with Bat Guano I'll hang from the ceiling and watch you, act hostile I'll pop you Rap Music and those who listen to it don't owe me nothing I don't want nothing from you, not even your judgement The Philosophic maverick the massive knowledge magnet Underwater sea lilies are the source of my magic Matricidal motherfucker homicidal hustler Filibuster, never been a Wikipedia lover If I were you I wouldn't waste time reading that rubbish It might turn you into a media puppet, but fuck it Leviathan divides the suspect zero sign Therefore I rhyme for all time Metaphor and Rhyme is poetry by design But poetry continues outside the timeline Unnatural battle ability, the enemy tried to imprison me But they would've been better off killing me Theoretically Shiaperrelli has mentored me With motifs of illuminated speech and wizardry Over The Horizon Radar Rhymes Patent number 4686605 Sound pours out of the ground across the land Jethro Tull was mauled by the god called Pan Creative writing and rhythm, grammar and composition Don't ignore me, ignore the fool who tells you not to listen To you it shouldn't sound like I'm quitting cause I'm not If I am to continue it's up to Hip Hop Weary of body and mind, tired of swimming against the tide Why swim or walk when I can glide?

Zero Gravity exercising, requires expert timing, for sky diving My call sign is Flying Wing An impossible profession St. maybe a little yo Gotta' find a way to generate doe Promoter won't pay me what I want for a show Why do it for free when I'm worth my weight in gold?

Coup de grâce for the coup d'État In a man made lodge the Moon rays replace God I think I've had about enough of your tough talk Come over here take my cuffs off, I promise you we'll just talk No biting allowed, just bark, don't run, just walk Battle Rap there is no such art Emotion manifests thought, thought manifests words, actions and reality This is not fantasy If you question me, you will be detained indefinitely Your name will be added to the Blacklist Registry I'm a scruffy old man with bloody cold hands On my arm is a tattoo of a sully old brand If I am not myself, then how would I be? The Law of Attraction is attracted to me The laws of poetry in action is practiced quite actively I look at my face more than anybody else I still can't recognize myself I don't need anybody but myself When I'm rhyming like this I don't need no help But, thank you for your purchase, these verses have perennial purpose But on the other hand these rappers are worthless At least from my interconnected introspective perspective The more pretentious, the more apprehensive the sentence You are lazy, you wanna be the best, you crazy The best train every day of the week My lyricism amplifies every letter written Rip the Jacker spitting inside Zero Vector Systems Brain waves reveal High Yield E&D Fields Chew MCs like I'm eating a meal A bunch of fake niggas tryna keep it pseudo real A bunch of fake King Midas' with fools gold grills My microphone was found where the Mayan Sun Stone was The Period of Purification in my poems Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome under red rock It's no use if you can't use what you got Buried in a mass grave covered in bones My cell phone number's placed on their tombstones Your girl Gertrude promised me her servitude She better do it, I don't wanna have to hurt you dude I eat from the same portion as you Just in case you try to poison my food but I want you to A deer hunter all year if I could spare summers Fucking your whore of a mother in front of her queer husband Wide lens wide mattress she's an actress This is Monster Ball practice, I'm Big Billy Bob Black Angus You and I can sit and look at each other Tossing knowledge back and forth like we was throwing books at each other I don't care if we're not the same colour, nigga I'm your brother I don't care what you say nigga, you a nigga lover All cultures come from One Mind The Universe is not far behind, waves, bars and rhymes Motivated by the stars that shine Only lower density life forms get lost in time I don't care if I make history, I wanna be a part of infinity Look at what your Sun god did to me I am energy, I am He spiritually and mentally The fools who threw away my jewels offended me As we walk through the archived files of all styles The East Wing Isle goes on for five miles More rappers than fans, more fans wrapped in vans Hip Hop will continue to expand Poets should be rappers, rappers should be lyricists The current industry model collapse imminent This is Hollywood Hip Hop Celebrities adopt little snot nosed bugaboos from off the block Larry King Live, earthquake right outside I looked that squarely shouldered man square in his eye Poetically paralyzing, where are you? Tell the people, they need to know And if you don't think so, you're a talk show ho The grown up who showed up drunk with his own cup stoned as fuck Who could tell me that this poem is luck You say I'm crazy, I say "So, tell me something I don't know Something my psyche profile doesn't show" I don't have all the answers I am not in the know I can only see what is above and only from below The substratum of reality through the thick cloud canopy How can it be Canibus? I approached the podium and delivered my encomium Nobody applauded the atmosphere was ominous They feared I would spit, they don't like when I bust The mucus dried up to a pear like crust From a very cold place called Faraday Base Right next to the South Pole's longest Ice Strait Food supply low, they speak of going above ground to find mo' I cry out, "No, do not go! 400mph wind belts blowing, think for a moment We got to wait it out, that's what the training's about" We have to survive, that's what Germaine is about Arctic geography is conducive to astronomy And the study of celestial bodies, follow me The sheer size of the academia implied by the rhymes Lead them to believe I was lying I blasted through the limestone with water mixed with a dissolver Then I signalled the remaining cave crawlers Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, battle the hardest Take out Hip Hops trash and garbage Tunnel boring and jacking, water main tapping I sat there drafting a new drainage plan, laughing Tough, pliable, relatively reliable The vocation of this undertaking is very viable My lyrical is chemical radioactive residue I can't rest until I accomplish what I was sent to do The gross oversimplication of a Jamaican In a basement tracing over diagrams for a tape deck That evolved into a spaceship, that hasn't been made yet 'Cause I haven't been paid yet, not even one pay check I walked through the valley of humiliation But Hip Hop started hating, I tried to save them, they wasn't patient Responsibility entrusted There's only one way for me to prove that I love it, that's why I'm busting If you pursue revenge, dig many graves Be sure to add your name to the list that you've made Musically still producing, I got a couple new things cocooning But Poet Laureate's my new shit Distinguished English and sophisticated senses In sync with the talisman I received from the temptress With these lyrics I consecrate the spirit Whenever I spit it, concentrate you can hear it I've almost perfected this, I'm one word away from excellence When I find it I'll begin testing it The phenomenal beast, astronomer priest When the poles shift the Sun will not rise from the East Wilder than the wilderness, I'm bout to show you Who wildebeest Williams is, you better be filming this A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time and space within it The hours become minutes The minutes become infinite lyrics Poet Laureate spit from the spirit, from the Sirius Star system To observe the gods My thoughts graduated to the Stars to infinity, listen to the bars The Kapellmeister in the battle grinder, created by King Osiris My psychic wall larger than China's The thirst to rhyme at first hurts like a laborious childbirth And sounds like Chinese fireworks Several million years into the past A primitive future in a world without oil and gas Focus on two standards when assessing the threat Number 1 is capacity, Number 2 is intent The flood was not an obstacle I made a raft out of empty milk gallon bottles for survival Always remember, meet me in Denver Colorado Springs in the Vandenberg welcome center Four and a half foot beings with big black eyes Tried to trap me and extract my rhymes all the time I perform a requiem on the eve before Hip Hop ends And make amends on behalf of my friends Canibus grab the mic like an energized amulet Then spit a rap that you can't forget Oprah Winfrey don't like rap All I got to say about that is she probably don't like black I don't blame her, she don't understand it's only entertainment She probably wouldn't feel different if she wasn't famous She traded places and her opinions started changing As Randolph and Mortimer increased her wages That alone could make a person racist, if not racist with colour?

Then material wise how we treat each other The head of a lion, the legs of an eagle The wings of a dragon, not the sigil, this is for real though I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink I bow before the desert wall of the Sphinx The ideas have come from God, even I'm stunned 1000 Bars from the real Iron Lungs I heard Hip Hop was dead, that's not fair Who I talk to?

Go he there, Nasir Poet Laureate Infinity I will forever be the illest lyrically Poet Laureate Infinity Poet Laureate Infinity Poet Laureate Infinity This has never been done before in history [Vocal Layer 2: Canibus] I procured a small piece of the treasure, collections from a former era Dating back to forever, the warrior became protector Quoted from the book of the law, I don't govern them I summon them, speaking in tongues again Started with a trumpet, woodwinds, strings The conductor brings the drums in, finger trigger the drum kit Other MCs be nervous or something Rhymes in abundance, Hip Hop justice, rappers are captured and punished Drawn and quartered, liars are denied water, you still alive?

It must have been, who was it then Rip The Jacker, hot but cold blooded Many utter the name but very few love him 33 is the number that enlightens the Brothers Insight to the fullest, that could brighten the dullest The ramifications are awesome, what should we call it?

I call it my unacknowledged special access project My skull is a submarine hull In a cave below ground with a painting of Cthulhu on the wall Necronomicon grimoires, open the doors The vortex that reaches from here to beyond,10 The power to control thoughts however remotely Through a term I'd like to call "Pulse Detonation Poetry" The results from SETI, very interesting I briefed the committee they told me to stop the testing My team was credited, we turned over the evidence But not before I could leverage it, for promotion to President Cover me, 8 point sighting device for the eyes FIRE!!!

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Transition if you go dry Close your eyes, ritualize, spit your rhymes Without trying you can shift your mind Canibus altered the sequence nucleotides Neuropetides only get high off mature Wine Start timing, Atomic Clock keeps time perfectly, 20 Mrs.

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