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Hubby became depressed because he was quite addicted to my performances, which by the way were mostly just “normal” sex, nothing really kinky.Hating to see hubby like that, I started dating other black men as long as they didn’t have problems with hubby watching. Please forgive my writing style, I am not a writer. Certain details might be filled in from information I learned after-the-fact by the persons who were also involved.Well, after the deed was done, and I have to say it did take him about 6 months to finally get into my panties and I started putting out for him.

By the way, my husband at the time was also in the army.Robert told me later that he knew I was a natural-born submissive from the second he saw me. I can tell within minutes if a person is truly dominate or just a “want-a-be” dominate.To keep hubby complacent Robert let my hubby watch him fuck me.Seconds later, Robert had him flat on his back and out cold when he began kicking his face and groin area and calling him all sorts of names.Robert and some of his friends took the guy away and I never saw him again. After looking into my eyes, he smiled and said, “Fuck slut you were, and fuck slut you are,” and went back to treating me the way I was happier being treated.

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Hubby had no idea that Robert was having me fucked by ALL his friends which were a lot.

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