Dating illegal immigrant

For the past two years, the couple have navigated some of life's rites of passage with this in mind.

I got educated, financially independent, rebelled and married someone outside the religion for love for which my parents disowned me.

The bill would have provided a route to legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants under 30 years old who were brought to the United States before age 16, lived in the country five years, graduated from high school or gained an equivalency degree and who joined the military or attended college.

The legislation shot down by the Senate in December was championed by immigrant advocates as a first step toward a broader legalization of the country's 10 million to 12 million illegal immigrants and was reviled by critics who said it would fuel uncontrolled migration.

Enriquez said her boyfriend has made himself a promise: He won't wed until he's already got his green card so there's no doubt that he's marrying for love.

That's fine for Enriquez, who is in no rush to get to the altar.

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