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Victoria Winters found him here holding a wrench he'd found on the front seat (13).

This scene would later prove incriminating as Roger's car crashed that night due to sabotage, and Burke was the prime suspect (15).

Despite openly denying it at first, Burke did, in fact, return to Collinsport for revenge on the Collins family (1).

He'd had his banker Stuart Bronson preparing a report on the family's financial situation for about a month (27).

Burke used to be good friends with Laura and Roger Collins and the three often hung out together (7).

One day in 1957, Burke was driving with Roger and Laura in a car that hit and killed a man (7, 43, The Flip Side).

He swore he'd come back to Collinsport and take everything the Collins' owned (21, 24).

Burke later discovered that David had caused the accident, and the Collins family dropped the issue immediately thereafter (29, 32).

Knowing that Sam knew something about his manslaughter charge, Burke commissioned him to paint a portrait of him (which he'd hoped to hang above the Collinwood mantle someday) in order to extract information from him.

His father scrounged for work repairing lobster pots or whatever work he could find (11).

Burke had a dog who would hide under the bed when it stormed (30).

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