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However, some drugs may only be provided in multidose vials by manufacturers, so there may be some cases where their use cannot be avoided.

In this scenario, she recommends purchasing the smallest bottle possible to avoid any complications involving entering the vial multiple times and adhering to the 28-day rule.

Therefore, we are currently having conversations with various organizations to help develop one consistent message for the [healthcare professional].

It appears that the 28-day recommendation will prevail along with ensuring vials are accessed, stored, and utilized properly.” Use the smallest vial possible Luebbert’s first recommendation is to use multidose vials as little as possible to minimize risks and complication.

Therefore, facilities need to relabel the expiration date once the vial is punctured in order to reflect the 28-day rule.

In its document APIC Position Paper: Safe Injection, Infusion, and Medication Vial Practices in Health Care, it recommends that facilities develop policies based on one guideline or the other, then follow through with those policies.“Everyone would agree that it should be discarded if the sterility of the vial is in question.Prior to discarding it, though, contact your infection preventionist, as they may want the vial to culture it for microorganisms.“When we wrote our position paper, our communication indicated that staff was to follow their own hospital policy,” Dolan says.“However, that may not be the case today given conversations I had with colleagues at our recent APIC national conference.

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The log should include the following information: Luebbert says this log should be evaluated annually by your infection control committee.

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