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There are many factors that make deadheading a nightmare for truckers.

We will outline those factors below as well as ways to avoid them below!

This is because it not only wastes money for the drivers but it also costs the companies money.

Unsafe Driving Empty box trailers, or trailers without loads, are dangerous to drive. So, you have to adjust your driving style to accommodate a lighter rig.

However, just like with any other job, employers want to know some background about you.Taking a deadhead is when you drive with an empty trailer.Because drivers need to pick up loads from secondary locations, oftentimes it is necessary for a trucker to drive without a load in order to pick one up.Some are written by drivers, and others are corporate blogs with information about the trucking business.When you want to learn more about the truck driving industry, it's a good idea to seek out truck driver blogs.

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