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But, when Vega took over -- they continued the serial series COMPLETELY consecutively -- with no gaps from year to The Fairbanks serial number sequence was also continued, when they re-branded the banjos "Vega" around 1920. the original Fairbanks serial number series continued into the Vegas of the 1960s (above #100,xxx).In the early-'60s a printer's error on the serial labels dropped a digit -- and screwed-up the consecutiveness of the numbers.

I presently own a Chickering piano which is listed in the atlas as being produced in 1914, even though the factory date stamps show it as being made in 1907, and on my tuning and rebuilding jobs I've encountered many other instruments with date stamps and signatures that didn't jibe with the dates Bob Pierce had collected. I have 2 bills of sales so far, one does not fit the model at all..

Mike Holmes' Mugwumps site tracks Fairbanks serials by the approximate 'highest-known-number'.

And the Vega series by estimates based on "known"orders, purchases, and receipts.

Can anyone on BHO share any "bills of sale" / "customer receipts" of Vega Banjos from the 1909-1940 era? I'll update my finding and key information directly below this line, it'll represent the earliest instrument types that I've found.

If anyone has updates, please post and I'll update here:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1880-1890: 1000/yr Earliest Banjos1890: Faibanks Electric #41late 1890: Fairbanks Electric Curtis #8261891: Imperial Electric #12121891: Columbian #17921892: Senator #19161894: Special #122131895: Regent #142951896: Metal Name Plate ~14900This dating scheme seems very logical given the Serial-Earliest Banjos/..html​Whyte Laydie: (Intro 1901): (This instrument is thought to be a prototype Vegaphone from Early 1923, since B.

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After the fire, Vega bought the rights to Fairbanks, and hired Fairbanks' Manager, David L.

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