Error validating windows xp pro

Microsoft is offering the Windows XP Home Edition license kit for .00 to customers, while the XP Pro Edition is 9.00.

The Windows Genuine Advantage Kit for Windows XP will include a new 25-character Product Key and a Windows Product Key Update tool that will allow customers to convert their counterfeit copy to genuine Windows XP electronically.

Restart your PC once you’ve done, and your copy of Windows should be “genuine” again.

If you’re having trouble then there are a number of third-party tools that will attempt to do this for you.

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with your critical updates, this is vital to keep your machine patched up and secure.

Have you removed Windows Genuine Advantage or did your copy of XP validate ok?

The other option is of course to buy a legal version of Windows XP off the Internet or in a retail store.

Generally the prices for these versions will be more than the price Microsoft is offering for their Windows Genuine Advantage Kit.

It is worth mentioning if you’ve re-installed XP lately and downloaded WGA in a recent update then a simple System Restore and delete them, just in case.

If you bought Windows XP and have been unlucky enough to fail the validation (which isn’t uncommon) then you might just want to remove it altogether.

If you’re a raging software pirate then I’m going to have a tougher job convincing you to keep it.

They are including a Windows Genuine Advantage security patch in the updates of Windows XP.

The newest patch, released the first week of June 2006, actually produces popups on the login screen and on the desktop explaining that this version of Windows XP is not genuine and the owner may be the victim of software counterfeiting.

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