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However, if you friend someone based on the fact that you used to go out and then broke up, you're beginning things on a negative note right from the start.

It might be tempting to see what your ex is up to, but you'll probably get more information that you ever wanted or needed.

In an awkward metaphor, it’s somewhere between standing on a soapbox and having a conversation with people out on the street.

I’ve been lacking courage with women in my life, and been taking steps recently to have more courage and take action to go talk to women I’m interested in. I went to talk to a performer of the improv show I went to, she was absolutely brilliant (and pretty! I interrupted her with her friends after the show to congratulate her, and we had a nice little chat, she made conversation with me and seemed interested.

If you weren't friends with your ex before your relationship, it's probably not a good idea to try and be Facebook friends now.

Facebook should be an extension of your personal life, which means developing your relationships, sharing pictures, and having more communication with genuine friends (real life or online).

You could even tell them you don't use the site that much.

That should satisfy any complaints about denying their request.

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