Gay dating red flags

But if she’s all “take” with no “give” or swiftly shifts from appreciative to expectant of your generosity, you may start to feel more like an ATM than a girlfriend.No, she doesn’t need to match you dollar for dollar, but your picking up the dinner tab can be reciprocated by her shelling out for Starbucks sometime.Red flags: Shares intimate details of her life extremely early in the relationship; demonstrates overly clingy behavior; begins giving up her own friends, interests, etc., to adapt to yours; uses manipulation to get what she wants; extreme jealousy. EX EXCESS Chances are if you’re over the age of 16 you have an ex.Chances are this will also be true of anyone you date.Red flags: Rarely/never compromises on activity choices; expects you to always come to her; uses anger to shut down sensitive discussions. DRAMA IS AS DRAMA DOES Does your new love interest always seem to be embroiled in some sort of crisis?She isn’t speaking to her family, every conversation involves the latest rumor circulating amongst her friends and she was just put on a Performance Improvement Plan at work because she can’t seem to get along with co-workers. Unless you’re looking to earn a “Best Supporting Role” award in this drama queen’s ongoing production, exit stage right.So to avoid the grasp of gold-diggers or becoming parent to a fiscal infant, be keen to early money-related warning signs.Of course, things won’t always be 50/50; there may be a significant income gap between you and your possible partner which renders it impossible for her to return the favor of lavish dinners out.

Over time I learned that, at least in her case, “bad at relationships” meant selfish, inflexible and unable to communicate openly.Red flags: Moves from one financial crisis into another; never offers to pick up the tab; “forgets” her purse/wallet on more than one occasion; asks to borrow money very early in the relationship; hints that it’d make good financial sense for her to move in right away.Online dating is one of the most popular reasons society uses technology today.As much fun as online dating is, it can be scary if you do not take precautions.I’m sure we have all heard of the show Catfish, and how many true relationships Nev and Max have actually discovered.

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