How to become online webcam slave

The reasons could not be more different and complex, but who wants to live his submissive fantasies and fetishes as a slave, needs a mistress or lady.

Whether you prefer to be trained as a slave in real life or online.

No matter whether you are enslaved online or real, some basic rules must always be observed by the slave: - Punctuality at agreed appointments - Respect of the mistress - Each session is started and ended by the mistress - Patience when the mistress does not have time - The slave pays tributes for the work of the mistress - The slave has to thank the mistress for each session - Of course, I will also set up more own and individual rules for each salve. The slave needs to proof the execution of tasks, self-punishment and punishments for example by taking pictures.

Some advantages of online enslavement are: - Anonymity, if wished for - Security against abuse - No or only minor obligations - Locally independent and temporally highly flexible - First contact with the BDSM fetish Whether a slave wants to deliver himself online or in the real life to his mistress is first and foremost a question of personal possibilities and how the slave has behaved so far towards his mistress.

The reasons for submitting to a mistress are not always sexual.Mostly promissory notes are real debts for fictitious payments, which have not taken place, but the slave repays a monthly debt. He is thus exposed to the arbitrary demands for money and tasks by me. Also, mass messages, in which only the name of the mistress is changed are inappropriate, because I usually recognize this immediately. Webcam-chat, messages, fetish videos and pictures and everything else needed for the slavery.- Property - I receive the authority over all bank accounts of the slave and manage his expenses. If the slave does not show his commitment to introduce himself, he probably will not show any commitment in the further slavery. The design of my website is very personal and with a high degree of professionality to offer a great experience.Some slaves want to solve some personal problems or compensate private stress.Also, a mistress has different reasons why she offers online domination.

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