Ideas to celebrate 1 year anniversary of dating

If you are married, things get more serious, but not to worry! While each anniversary is a great accomplishment, certain anniversaries are typically more celebrated.Think of your first anniversary, 5 years, 10 years, and so on.While you may splurge a bit for your first anniversary, then consider dialing things back for your second anniversary and then slowly building up your budget over time. The more time you spend together, the more you spend on anniversary presents!This is a great rule of thumb to follow and will make things a lot easier on you when you start shopping around for something.You can honor them by buying something that they love but you aren’t necessarily a fan of. There is no occasion more important than this for finding the perfect item for that special someone.The right gift can bring the biggest smile to your partner’s face and make them feel truly loved and appreciated.Anniversaries are unique occasions, as it is all about you and your partner. You may also be looking to find a present for a few special people in your life, instead of for your own significant other.They may have just gotten engaged or are newlyweds.

As much as this day is about the two of you, it’s also about the people you love.

Typically, the budget is smaller when it comes to dating anniversaries compared to wedding anniversaries.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t get a little something, but rather, that there isn’t a standard expectation to get an extravagant item.

For most couples, there is a certain expectation that you will exchange presents for your anniversary. Here are our top tips and guidelines that can make it easier to decide on the right budget.

The first thing to consider when determining your budget is if you are married or dating, you should feel less pressure when it comes to buying something.

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