Index ms slow sql updating

Indexes can be added, modified, and dropped without affecting the database schema or application design.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to experiment with different indexes.

Wide indexes, on the other hand, cover more queries.

You may have to experiment with several different designs before finding the most efficient index.

For information about Spatial indexes, see Spatial Indexes Overview.

For information about Full-text indexes, see Populate Full-Text Indexes.

Designing efficient indexes is paramount to achieving good database and application performance.In reality, an incorrect index choice can cause less than optimal performance.Therefore, the task of the query optimizer is to select an index, or combination of indexes, only when it will improve performance, and to avoid indexed retrieval when it will hinder performance.This SQL Server index design guide contains information on index architecture, and best practices to help you design effective indexes to meet the needs of your application.This guide assumes the reader has a general understanding of the index types available in SQL Server.

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For on-disk indexes, these keys are stored in a structure (B-tree) that enables SQL Server to find the row or rows associated with the key values quickly and efficiently.

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