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Hiring managers are looking for a slew of different qualities in a tech candidate, including enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, determination, and more.Soft skills are also vital for candidates looking for tech positions: Almost all (98%) HR leaders said soft skills are important for candidates entering the tech field, according to a recent Udemy report.I offered water, turned the air conditioner to a lower temperature as he began to mumble.He excused himself to go to the restroom but didn't return after 15 minutes.Then he reappeared and said he'd been camping and accepted the offer to start in 2 weeks.Then 10 days later he contacted me to say he had a doctor appointment on his first scheduled day of work, and also would it be okay for him to leave early every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few months?Two days before his agreed on start date, he called and asked if his start date could be moved back a week. His new start date arrived, but the employee did not.We called, left messages and sent e-mails with no response.

Out of the country "We hired an employee who seemed like he would be a great fit.When I entered the office lights were off, it was before lunch, so I thought it was rather odd that she was nowhere around and the light was off, since I didn't see her leave.I proceeded to turn the light on and walked towards the filing cabinet, when all of a sudden the desk chair moved. I when I asked her why she was under there, she proceeded to inform me in a very calm voice that she was taking a nap." 7.Going climbing "A recently hired team member insisted they move the desk in their cubicle.Of course, there is only one way for the desk to fit comfortably in the space.

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They didn't come back for an hour and still wanted to proceed with the interview! Too many applications "I have had several past candidates start to look extremely confused mid-interview.

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