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Things have changed so much, with Facebook and Twitter.Everyone is so much more accessible these days: no British athlete has ever experienced what we are experiencing now.I like the hurdles and the high-jump, I'm a springy, speedy athlete so those suit me.It's quite funny in that I once won Rear of the Year at my school!Regarding her academics, she attended Sharrow Primary School and King Ecgbert School in Dore where she earned General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).After that, she graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Sheffield.It's such a unique situation with the home Olympics.

I think there's going to be pressure on all the British athletes. People aren't doing it negatively - they're mostly lovely and they really do want you to win - but they don't understand the difficulty and intensity of competition. Sunday and Monday morning sessions are always horrible.Me coming out with a bag of chips, while I'm up there doing crunches on the poster... We always spend more time on the throwing events and a little bit more on the long jump.They're my weaker events - they don't come as naturally to me as running and jumping.Also, she became successful to establish herself as a top junior athlete at the AAA U20 Championship.Since 2003, Ennis-Hill began to play internationally for the World Youth Championship held in Canada where she stood 5th.

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