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Now, Kristian is known in her own industry, ever heard of Brulee lingerie and loungewear, well let’s introduce it’s owner.

Kristian’s hubby played for Oakland, the New York Yankees, Colorado and Cleveland.

Clay ends up confronting Christian, but Christian doesn’t respond well which prompts Jordan to get involved.

As Jordan goes to throw something of Christian’s (reportedly a pinata) into the ocean, Christian grabs Jordan’s arm and in response “Jordan body slams him to the ground.” After security separates the two, Chris Harrison kicks both Christian and Jordan off.

The Giambis sat at “Yankee Stadium.” In 2012 the couple welcomed a daughter, London Giambi and last year the couple welcomed a son, Tristan.

Jason was previously married to Dana Mandela from 1998-2000.

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Despite Hannah already being in a love triangle with Dylan and Blake, a “confident guy immediately zeroes in” on her.

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