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Media work might be considered one of society’s most adaptableindustries in that media producers have the ability to immediately respond to consumer demands(Deuze, 2007).

This flexibility theoretically allows media organizations to adopt new ways ofmedia production and content formats to increase audience size.

Considering such professional opinions, scholars are provided prime researchopportunities.

The new journalism is solitary, poor,nasty, brutish and short” (Denton, 2007).Jezebel’s resulting content is a meta-analysis ofconventionally reported stories that span the cultural collective conscious, ranging from politicalto fashion to celebrity.Jezebel users can read about political scandal as well as celebrity scandaland refresh their screens every 10 or 15 minutes for newly updated posts.As celebrity weekly magazines continue to survive the volatile marketplaceand conventional print publications continue to struggle, sites such as Jezebel are tapping in tothe cultural zeitgeist by appealing to an assortment of appetites.From a traditional media standpoint, many new media products operate outside ofconventional standards and principles, where competition and self-preservation outweigh thefundamental role of the press as cooperative watchdog of society.

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