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Mainstream media report on sexual abuse as a social impediment.Friday sermons continue to condemn sexual offenses — but now recognize violence as such an offence.Over the following weeks, local newspapers tracked her health closely; on social media, Maldivians pleaded for blood donations to save her. We all of know this from a 2007 government study, the most exhaustive scientific examination of violence in the Maldives to date. Samiya’s story, however, offers little reason to believe much has changed — even after lawmakers enacted the 2012 Domestic Violence Prevention Act.We have continued to fail victims of domestic violence in the three years since this law has been on thee books.Our laws define domestic violence as a violation of human rights.

When we assume men and women’s roles are, in the natural order of things, that of providers and caretakers, notions like “a good wife obeys her husband” and “the woman’s place is at home” almost make sense.Instead, we hear too often of multiple, overlapping chains of failure for which many parties share responsibility, issue condemnations, pledge investigations — and then accept no blame or consequences.Thinadhoo hosts a regional hospital, a Family and Child Service Centre, School, a court, a Women’s Development Committee, and serves as seat both the Atoll Council and an Island Council.When under-age rape victims seek services, what they receive instead is blame, rather than care and protection.While providers bear a moral and legal duty to care for victims of domestic violence, too often their failures go unquestioned.

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