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is celebrated in villages and towns with all-day festivals and ceremonies honoring newly initiated students who have learned to keep the correct 'count of days' on the Mayan calendar.As the name implies, "Day Keepers" keep the count of the days.Of course, had this asteroid actually had us in its sights, it would have broken up harmlessly in our atmosphere, creating an interesting fireworks show for anyone watching down below.

A geomagnetic reversal, 2012-ers allege, could also spell doom for our planet.

Using a combination of high-resolution accelerator mass spectrometry carbon-14 dates and a statistical model of tree growth rates estimated from changing calcium concentrations, the researchers established that the lintel was carved sometime around 658-696 A. Kennett and colleagues believe the discrepancy between the two dates can be explained by the fact that the beam was taken from a tree called the sapotilla whose hard wood would have required years to carve.

With 2012 around the corner, doomsday alarmists will no doubt be looking for signs of the end of the world.

Kennett, professor of environmental archaeology at Pennsylvania State University, wrote in the journal Scientific Reports.

To place the Long Count dates into the European calendar in order to understand when things happened in the Maya world relative to historic events elsewhere, Kennett's team turned to an elaborately carved wooden beam from a temple in the ancient Maya city of Tikal.

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