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I also tried the RTSP option briefly out of hope that it would allow me to avoid the additional overhead of MPExtended, albeit with relatively poor results: upon starting, most streams ended up stalling pretty quickly. I clicked on "Refresh Guide Data" and got both my channels and some EPG data.As a welcome surprise, I also got all but one of my channel logos from MP too; channel logos never synced properly from MP in the past, and even got corrupted from time to time when entered manually in Emby.However, the EPG data seems to be behind by about 5 hours or so (I'm in CST, for what it's worth). This seems like a challenging direction to go since the channel name mapping will be nontrivial since the SD client in MP is currently naming channels by concatenating the channel number with the callsign, though I could change the channel naming scheme in MP if necessary.

Under both the old and new versions, restarting the stream after the tuner has already tuned to it works, although this is a pretty unpleasant workaround. I then trimmed the logs to remove lines that were not from the current run, and redacted paths with names of content on the server. Incidentally though, in casual testing last night I found that Chrome on Windows works better with larger values of Stream Delay, while Emby for Android 3.0.21 works better with smaller values. Accessing MP TVServer's RTSP streams seems to always be a thorny topic, but again, if I can avoid MPExtended, at least for actually delivering the streams to Emby, that would almost certainly be a win. MP's small core and overly modular paradigm has really come to bite it in the butt: it has become insanely hard to get everything to function as a single, well-integrated cohesive unit. It looks like I'm heading in the right direction, though I am still running into some issues.

As in the post above, I no longer have any channels or EPG data shown. However, reinstalling didn't bring back my channels or EPG, and going back to the earlier plugin didn't help either.

Is there a way to recover from this condition without getting rid of all my Emby config/data? It looks like I'm heading in the right direction, though I am still running into some issues. Should I set it to also use Schedules Direct like MP TV-Server does?

On the right side you will see all variables that can be downloaded with the DVB EPG stream.

However keep in mind that not all of these values might actually be used by the tv broadcaster.

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