Network share permission not updating

This article discusses error messages relating to Dropbox file sync.

If the Dropbox helper process is unable to contact our servers to check for updates, Dropbox will stop syncing and you’ll see the “Dropbox will stop syncing soon because it can’t update” message.For example, Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, etc...) typically locks its files while they are open.If the Dropbox process is disabled, you'll see the error message "Dropbox will stop syncing soon because it can't update." Dropbox is a helper process that checks for new versions of the Dropbox app.Use the menu below to show instructions for your specific computer operating system.In the past few years, Microsoft has simplified file sharing on Windows a lot.

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When Dropbox skips the file, the status message in your Dropbox menu (from the system tray or menu bar) will report that the file is in use.

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