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Their relationship didn’t last long, we don’t know how long they dated but after ending the affair with Fantasia, he dated Lisa Raye beginning in 2009, but after a year or so, the two got separated before he met actress Claudia Jordan.The two hooked up and soon came out in public together, but this too wasn’t for long.Omari Latif Hardwick (born January 9, 1974) is an American actor, known for his roles in the TV series Saved and Dark Blue, in Spike Lee's Miracle at St.Anna (2008), The A-Team (2010), Kick-Ass (2010), Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls (2010) As a struggling actor, Hardwick did odd jobs in order to pay for acting classes.For the role, he spent two years training as a fireman and a paramedic.

Once the show aired on TV One in the April of 2007, it became a huge success and an encouragement for him as well.

Claudia has tried to be the bigger woman in this situation and overlook the shade, but Jennifer is continuously throwing the relationship down Claudia’s throat which adds fuel to the fire.

Claudia was on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta last year and when she met Kordell Stewart who played for the NFL and who was married to Porsha Williams who happens to still be on the show.

Hardwick has guest starred on an episode of NBC's Chase as Chris Novak, a hard luck criminal facing prison.

On November 19, 2008 Omari Hardwick's first child was still-born and left a huge gap in his life.

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