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And, in all honesty, 130 degree weather isn’t a valid reason to pick up and leave. When you love to travel like I do, you also give up something else that’s a pretty big deal.

Any chance at any sort of steady, semi-healthy romantic relationship.

That place where you can wear shorts and a T-shirt and not be a prostitute. But you gotta remember the other half of that statement. It’s something I don’t plan on giving up at any point of my life, and is worth giving up the life I knew back home in order to know what it’s like to be a little bit uncomfortable once in awhile. And these sacrifices can sometimes feel like a pull back home. Alright, that’s minor, but still, I do miss Hershey’s products. Friendships are hard to keep up when you live next door to someone.

There needs to be something from home to pull you just as much as there is a reason pushing you out of here. Its new friends, exotic cities, ancient history, weird foods, bodily dysfunctions, and personal exploration. They’re even tougher when you aren’t on the same continent.

Who will make up that group of friends is up to them by this point, not me.

But you also don’t want to write the whole world off.Woman A: I had a partner at the time I moved to South America.We stayed together when I left for the Peace Corps and remained in a relationship for about a year and a half. S., and we were committed to doing long-distance ...To read and subscribe to her blog, you can find the link here: I’ve come to realize that “The toughest job you’ll ever love” should, in fact, not be the motto of Peace Corps. So if that’s the official motto, the unofficial motto should be this: “What the fuck am I doing here? Every time you step out your door, you have to think in a new language, try to follow all the various new customs, and try to ignore the endless catcalls thrown at you when you walk down the street.” I’ve probably thought this line at least a hundred times in the last week and a half I’ve been in site. And when it all comes down to it, I know this is going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. I worry a little bit that I may have taken on an adventure that will be the peak of my life experiences at too young of an age. time, that’s where the “What the fuck am I doing here” moment comes in.

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