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Seeing your username, I wouldn't mind being one of those guys you want to reply to from November! Keep on looking, if another profile catches your eye, go ahead and write them too.There's no reason to even try to be monogamous from the very first message to them, and plenty of reason not to.Oh absolutely, that's completely inconsiderate. Heck, I don't even think it's rude if they're not into me and just don't respond at all.Yeah I don't actively worry about it, it's just good to know that some of my messages (which I thought were getting pretty good) aren't going unnoticed completely. I have good intentions of writing back to everyone who sends me something nice, but sometimes I hit my limit.However, once they get a little practice in, they’re able to handle it. One problem that does arise, on Bumble or any other dating site, is the infamous “Hey” message.The ultimate in low-effort messaging, there are worse opening texts that one could send but not many.

I'm a little busy and I get a decent number of messages and I've grown to hate my own replies. :/ However, I also understand what it feels like to be left hanging... I almost always need at least a day to respond (I messaged someone two nights ago, got a reply early this morning and didn't find time to reply till late tonight, and I expect she'll take 2-3 days to reply).

Bumble reverses that expectation, partially to even things out, but also because on dating apps like Tinder, a subset of the male population has a habit of opening with gross or inappropriate messages.

Also see our article How To Remove or Change your Occupation in Bumble With women setting the initial tone and expectations for a conversation (whether that tone be gross or classy), the environment is more welcoming and women are more likely to take a chance on a right-swipe since they know it’s not going to open them up as much to an unprovoked “let’s smash” or something similarly intellectual.

Bumble is a “feminist dating app” built around the concept that women should initiate the conversation when an opposite-sex couple match.

Traditionally, men are expected to initiate conversations “in the real world” and that cultural habit has persisted into the online dating arena, despite the fact that a mutual right-swipe in a dating app like Bumble means that there is already mutual interest and so either party should feel free to start talking.

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So if I've had a promising few dates with someone I might wait to see how that situation plays out first.

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  1. In 2018 Grindr, the first platform for gay dating, is accused to have shared data about the HIV statute of its users with numerous companies but claim that It was in order to optimize its platform which doesn’t convince the LGBT community.