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Roger Federer was born to a Swiss-German father, Robert and Afrikaner mother, Lynnette Federer.His date of birth is 8th August 1981, and his birthplace is Basel, Switzerland.Whether it was winning a trophy or losing matches on end, Mirka has always been there, supporting her husband.You can spot her in the stands, crying out of disappointment on some occasions and being teary-eyed with pride, on others.

He was the national junior champion in Switzerland at the age of 12 and went on to get training at Swiss National Tennis Center in Ecublens.When asked about what is more important to him, tennis or family, he said: Mirka doesn’t want to be away from me, and I don’t want to be away from her.And like this we make it all work and we are actually together all year long.It is just incredible that she’s willing to make all of that effort.I’m happy that it’s this way, because anything else would make it more difficult to compete and to play at the highest levels. It has been 9 years of marriage for this 'rock-solid couple', as Roger likes to put it, but nothing much has changed for them.

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