Romeo and angela simmons dating

The towns included Los Angeles, California and New York.

Now let’s have a close look at Angela Simmons’s net worth in 2019. Her birthplace was in Queens, New York, the United States of America. The brother’s name is Joseph Simmons, and her sister is Vanessa Simmons. This was a result of the divorce between her mum and dad.

She has accumulated over the years a huge following in the social media.

Another source of her income is through the magazine deals she has made over the years.

Also, she sometimes plays the role of a video vixen in video songs, and this has also majorly contributed to her current net worth.

The timing just never seemed to be right for Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons, and now that Simmons has a brand new baby boy and rumored new husband, there’s no shot for the one-time couple turned best friends to ever be more.

So, since Angela’s experiencing her happily ever after, does that mean Romeo is wallowing in regret?

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Her mother’s name is Valerie Vaughn, and her father’s name is Joseph Simmons. His dad went ahead and married again, and he had three children.

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