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(Fortune Magazine) -- --Editor's Note: This story contains profanity.Ronald Perelman may not be the most disputatious tycoon on the planet, but he sure spends a lot of time in the courtroom.The Cohen family business, Hudson Media, is one of the largest regional magazine wholesalers -- it is, in fact, a long-standing business partner of Time Inc., the publisher of this magazine and other big titles including Time, People, and Sports Illustrated.The Cohen family, although not nearly as wealthy as Perelman, has built a major business fortune in three generations -- in 2008, Hudson sold its ubiquitous newsstand business for around 0 million.

"This is the nicest second house I've ever seen," Perelman told Robert Cohen after Claudia introduced him. He told Perelman that she was a "very, very wealthy girl." Her prenuptial agreement "conservatively valued" her worth at million. 11, 1985, in a service performed at Perelman's New York home by a surrogate court judge.

Though she earned around ,000 a year as a TV society journalist, she lived in a spacious apartment on Central Park South. When Perelman and Cohen went to Florida for a friend's party, Claudia was unhappy with their room at the luxury resort the Breakers. They both liked the finer things, including cigars and Hermès ties -- Cohen had hundreds of them.

She had a car take them to her parents' oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach. Perelman, a shopping fanatic, kept suits arranged chronologically, based on the year he'd had them made.

If Perelman's business career was on the takeoff runway, his personal life was a shambles.

Golding filed for divorce, alleging that he was having an affair with a florist.

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