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Since about a third of its inhabitants are on temporary assignments from the Metropole, as the St. St.-Pierre looks bleak, partly from its treelessness, partly because of the polar winds and fog that come with the Labrador Current. If it exists in an indeterminate Atlantic space, it also seems slightly lost in time. 3 Click here for my series of photos on the houses of St. Pierre, and the larger islands of Miquelon and Langlade. Langlade is uninhabited, although some St-Pierrais have summer homes there, and the locals like to go over to hunt deer and rabbits. Puzzled by the salted butter rather than the usual French unsalted variety, I asked the breakfast room madame about it. Pierre is the capital of the French territory of St. This archipelago is the last remnant of France in North America, and consists of the small island of St. They supplied me with advice, birthday congratulations after they took a message from home, and a tiny, antiquated 220-volt hair dryer.

Once in Japan, I spent a week searching out all the possible uses for bamboo. In a green clapboard house, traditional delicacies with menacing names like souris (mice), religieuses (nuns) and nids d’abeilles (bees’ nests) cry out to anyone with a half-functioning sweet tooth.The short growing season means that only the hardiest plants thrive. But neither the selection nor the prices were noteworthy.The locals like to say that they are literally French soil, since the best growing dirt arrived as ship ballast. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941: A Study in Diplomacy in the North Atlantic Quadrangle. There are a few shops selling local crafts and foodstuffs, also not particularly enticing. There was a lucrative interval during Prohibition, when American rumrunners bought vast quantities of Canadian whiskey warehoused in St.-Pierre, but St.-Pierre and Miquelon remain fishing villages. Aside from its period as the littlest pawn in a French-English chess game, the islands’ history is the history of cod fishing, which peaked in the late 19th century and plunged at the end of the 20th.

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In St.-Pierre, what took me by storm was that hallmark of the house-proud French, the lace curtain. Pierre: When Distillers and Rum Runners Made France’s Colony off Newfoundland a Principal Centre for the Liquor Trade. Although the tranquil village of Miquelon has less to recommend it, it makes a pleasant two-hour excursion, via a guided boat tour.

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