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If your partner died before 22 March 1972 If your husband or wife died before 22 March 1972, estate duty, rather than inheritance tax was in force.

Under estate duty rules up to that date, no transfers could be made tax-free between husband and wife.

The fact that you can't use their deceased partner’s tax-free allowance could mean a much bigger inheritance tax bill for your heirs.

Any money held in an Isa forms part of your estate when you pass away, although your surviving spouse can still benefit from the extra tax protections these accounts offer.

After 6 April 2013, the exemption is the inheritance tax nil-rate band.

Under the current rules, when people in this position die, their estate is only entitled to one tax-free allowance.

There are major benefits to being married or in a civil partnership when it comes to inheritance tax.

Transfers between married couples and civil partners are not usually subject to inheritance tax (IHT), so if the first partner to die leaves their entire estate to the other, no tax will be payable.

In cases of doubt, it may be worth checking the exemption allowable with a tax consultant.

If your partner died after 12 November 1974 After 12 November 1974, there was no limit to spouse exemption, unless the deceased had their home in the UK and the surviving spouse did not – when it was limited to £55,000.

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