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I just don't understand how the moving pieces work.This person's profile was full of pictures and short videos, some quite recently posted, and I believe all to be the same person.

They might be paying this person directly (as an employee or via an advertising agency) to generate x quality-subscriptions a month, knowing that of those, y will turn into longer-term subscriptions.If the photo they've shared with you is found on sites clearly not related to the person you're chatting with, then they are trying to scam you either financially or emotionally. Reverse Image search site examples: https:// https://images.(click the camera icon to search by image) Off the top of my head I can see at least three ways that this interaction could be monetised; A) The dating site may have some sort of affiliate scheme whereby the catfisher gets money for each full subscription taken out or even for confirmed leads.You click the link (which contains their unique code) and they get x amount for each sub.Talking about finances with your partner can be a tricky subject.A November 2018 survey saw that on average, millennial couples took between six months to a year to ask their partners about their credit score, debt and savings.

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