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(If there's one thing nobody can handle seeing, it's Murdoch's upset-face. It's like the face of a child whose pet hamster's just popped its clogs, and we can't take it.) There's just something about William Murdoch that makes you want to hug and squeeze him whenever he walks into a room.

He would absolutely hate that - any kind of casual affection and jollity makes him wince - but that would just make you want to do it more.

But then Matt's nose for trouble leads somewhere neither of them expected. Written for the 2019 Karedevil Summer Challenge and the Daredevil Continued fanworks event.(Note: No Jane Austen here, just having fun with puns.) This fic deals with the inevitable fallout of "Fully Known." Nelson, Murdock, and Page scramble to play defense against whatever Fisk is planning.(*SPOILER ALERT* if you want a fic where Matt is on trial for being Daredevil, this may be the fic for you.) Karen never asked Matt about the day she found Elektra in his bed.

Murdoch is a bit like the boy from school who's always got his tie on properly, always does his homework correctly, stutters around girls, and would much rather be home with his chemistry set than out playing sports with the lads.

The flipside to all this is how heroic and stubborn he is when it comes to justice, and this vulnerable/strong combination makes him completely irresistible.

It's had more ups and downs than a particularly sadistic theme park ride.

One minute it looks like they've FINALLY paired up, the next there's some earthshattering revelation that drives them apart and has us reaching for the hankies.

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