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The series goes through the following topics: The algorithm of choice for the most successful implementations of Reinforcement Learning agent for Star Craft II seems to be A3C [3].

We have worked on top of two implementations of A3C: one by Xiaowei Hu; and another by Lim Swee Kiat, which at the same time is based on top of Juliani's tutorials on Reinforcement Learning with Tensor Flow [2].

This method aims at improving the policy with incomplete information, that is, state, actions and rewards tuples sampled via simulation. 2: The interaction bet en the Actor-Critic components. The reason for the policy being stochastic is that otherwise there will be not room for improvement: the critic must learn about actions that are not preferred (i.e.

GPI consist of two subsystems: Their interaction is depicted more clearly in Fig. actions that have a low probability in the current policy).

More interestingly, one could wonder why then it is not better to act completely randomly in order to learn as much as possible.This is a collaboration between Deep Mind and Blizzard to develop Star Craft II into a rich environment for RL research.Py SC2 provides an interface for RL agents to interact with Star Craft 2, getting observations and rewards and sending actions. Playing the whole game is quite an ambitious goal that currently is only whithin the reach of scripted agents.From a reinforcement learning perspective, Star Craft II also offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore many challenging new frontiers: Py SC2 is Deep Mind's Python component of the Star Craft II Learning Environment (SC2LE).It exposes Blizzard Entertainment's Star Craft II Machine Learning API as a Python reinforcement learning (RL) Environment.

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